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What is LIPSTICK®?

LIPSTICK® was established in 2011 to provide transformational personal &

professional development services. While we specialize in services for

women, our services are available to all individuals who find themselves in a

transition! Whether you are an executive, business owner, early to mid-

careerist or someone just wanting to live a more purpose-filled life,

LIPSTICK’s® services can be crafted just for you.


Our Services

Our Services
Working collaboratively with women in transition is our area of specialization

LIPSTICK® provides:

  • Individual & group coaching/development sessions

  • Consultative services for businesses or faith-based organizations

  • Leadership style assessments

  • Visioning sessions

  • Public speaking

  • Personalized yoga sessions

Our services can be customized for you.  In person, video conference, individual or with a group.

Our Benefits

All services can be tailored to your needs.

Coaching or development sessions can be completed via video conferencing, telephone or in-person. These methods prove to be viable options for virtual teams or individuals who may have extensive travel schedules.

Our Service

Enhanced spiritual, emotional and physical health.


Increased effectiveness and focus.


Replenish the Spirit, Soul and Body.


Receive tools to live a balanced life.


Our Reviews

Our goal is to help you enhance, increase, replenish and bring balance to your life

 When I think of the Ministry of LIPSTICK, Proverbs 27:17 comes to mind – “As iron sharpens iron; so one person sharpens another (NIV)”.  As a result of the Ministry of LIPSTICK, individuals are filled, made smooth, bright and fit for business in areas where they were rough, dull and inactive.

My Shade
What's My 'Shade'  ?

LIPSTICK® believes all individuals have a unique ‘shade’™ (strength, talent, skill, purpose); one that is uniquely you! Just as a makeup artist will help determine a client’s best coloring, LIPSTICK® can help you identify and develop your true ‘shade’™!

Don’t waste time trying on other people’s perspective of life, find your own ‘shade’™, and maneuver through life’s journey towards your destiny being authentically you. Do you know and are you using your ‘shade’™? 

Our goal is to help you identify and effectively use your ‘shade’™ to propel you towards your destiny.


What are you waiting for?


Our Blog

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